Huckleberry Finn Remake

While Huckleberry Finn is a wonderfully written novel, I disagree with a few parts in the book. Certain parts are too old and outdated. The book isn’t appealing to people of the 21st century. It just needs a little “pizzazz” or a spark. If I could write it, I would write it like this:

            Beginning with the cast members: Robert Downey Jr. (Huckleberry Finn), Morgan Freeman (Jim), Bradley Cooper (Tom Sawyer), Vince Vaughn (Huck’s Pap), Dianne Keaton (Widow Douglas), Jamie Lee Curtis (Ms. Watson), Leonardo Dicaprio (Duke), James Franco (King), Rachel McAdams (Mary Jane), Nicholas Cage (Colonel Grangerford). My inspiration for all of these actors and actresses is that when I said the characters names these were the celebrities that came to mind because of what role they’ve played in their past movies.

            Along with the characters, I would also change the time period. I would most likely choose the 1920’s because this is my favorite time period. It’s a time of new beginnings, adventure, inventions, and fun. It was the first time in American history that we had really experienced dancing, dating, cars, fast life and a new way of life. It’s a time period of flapper girls and business men, suits and dresses, gelled hair and bobs. It’s my favorite and if I could I’d choose to live in this decade.

            Next, I would change the setting. If my time period is in the 1920’s, I want to change the setting to a place such as New York, Philadelphia, or Chicago. This way, Huck can start out in small town Kentucky on a farm and travel with Jim to the city and have all of his new experiences there instead. He’ll run into problems with finding food, he’ll have all his belongings stolen, and not be able to find a job. His Pap will find him and he’ll take him to his apartment in a bad part of the city. He’ll be taken in by families in nearby suburbs just outside of town.

            With the time period being the 1920’s, everyone would have to wear corduroy pants, suspenders, white button ups with the sleeves rolled up and black ties. They’d also wear hats and depending what kind of hat they had on would tell you what class they are in. For example:

This hat showed they were poor (gray hat).                          This hat showed they were wealthy (black hat).

Also, the girls would wear ankle length dresses and high waist skirts. They would have bob hair cuts and wear lipstick. Teenage life would be filled with fun and excitement and for the first time in American history, the 1920’s was the first decade for people to express themselves through fashion, fun, and new ideas.

            When it comes to language, Huck, Jim, and Tom would all have country accents since they’re from a farm in Kentucky. Once they get to New York or another city, they would get their first exposure of city twang. The people there would most likely have a New York accent or maybe even New Jersey. They would have to change to suit my theme. So even though Huckleberry Finn is a very good book, I think I like my version better!

Stuff White People Like — DOGS

            In reading the blog about white people liking dogs, I was truly amazed at how true it was. In the blog, the author said that “never in any case should you make fun of someone’s dog in a derogatory way”. This statement itself is probably the truest statement of them all. It’s true because white people love dogs, they love their dogs, and they love stranger’s dogs. If you make fun of a dog they freak out because every dog is just so unique, special, and beautiful in their own way. Even though this is stereotypical, it is true. We must be honest for a second though because it’s not just white people who act this way toward dogs, it’s all people! Everyone (except a few freaks) loves dogs. They make us happy, laugh, smile, feel safe, and most importantly like we’re never alone. They are our best friends and once a dog goes into someone’s life they can’t help but fall in love because dogs have that effect on people. They are a wonderful creature that’s never sad, always playful, and is always there for us. What’s not to love?

            Similar to the stereotypical writing style of the author of “Stuff White People Like”, Mark Twain also has had his past of being racist. This is especially seen in Huckleberry Finn through the character Jim. A slave for the widow, Mark Twain portrays him in a stereotypical way. Jim speaks with bad grammar, a southern/African accent, and in a “goofy” way. He also portrays Jim as though he is dumb, illiterate, and maybe has a mental disorder. Jim also is found in his room playing with a hairball. He believes in goofy, made up myths and tells Huck all about the spirit world. Jim also believes in a saying that if a man has a lot of chest hair he will be rich. These are all examples of the way that Mark Twain has revealed his racist side and stereotypical style of writing.

            Society is not far from the stereotypical realm either. This plays a huge role in our culture today among all people of status and class. I think this is especially seen in celebrities. We often times label Miley Cyrus as crazy, freaky, and “slutty” because of a new hair cut, new clothing line, and new music. What we don’t know, though, is why her life has suddenly taken a turning point. Is she upset because her and Liam called off the married? Is she going through a really hard time with her mom and dad’s marriage problems? Is the press causing her to go crazy and she’s doing this in spite of them? Being judgmental in today’s society is a train that many of us have jumped on and it’s beginning to destroy relationships, friendships, and even our culture and world.

            Though I have stated the bad effects that stereotypes have played in our society, I can’t deny that I also have fallen into its trap. I can’t lie when I say that if I were to walk down the street of down town Cincinnati and see a black man ahead of me, I may turn the next corner or cross the street to avoid him. I also tend to judge teenage girls with babies also. I always feel bad for them but I also silently shake my head in disappointment. Today’s society and cultural habits are easy to fall into. Even as a Catholic, it can be hard not to judge others and give into stereotypes. It’s hard to stand tall and strong, but with God’s great strength, He lifts that burden away from us, but only if we allow Him.

#53 Dogs

Stuff White People Like

jondog.jpgA lot of cultures love dogs – be it for entertainment, labor, or other. But white people love dogs on an entirely different level.

It should be understood that in white culture, dogs are considered training for having children. That is to say that any white couple must get a dog before they have kids. This will prepare them for responsibility by having another creature to feed, supervise it’s bathroom activities, and to love. Because of this, white people generally assume that their dog is their favorite child unless otherwise stated.

When actual children are born, the dog is not displaced but rather remains as the most important member of the household. This is because of the fact that white children will eventually hate their parents, but dogs will love anyone who feeds them.

White people generally believe that dogs have human emotions and that they are…

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Fall Break

Day 1

            Today is the first day- shouldn’t be too difficult. Oh, I forgot to tell you! I decided to give up going outside. I had my surgery yesterday to fix my torn ACL so since I can’t really go anywhere, I thought I could use that as my luxury that I’m giving up. So far, it’s not too difficult. I’ve been sitting on the couch, watching TV, eating good food that people have brought me. I’ve played on my phone a bit too. Especially Twitter, I’ve been on my twitter game lately. So ultimately it hasn’t been so rough and hopefully I’m able to stick it out and it doesn’t get harder. We’ll see how I am by the end of the week.

Day 2

            Today is Wednesday. I’m more tired today… I woke up really early because my leg was hurting me. So my mom gave me a pain pill and that about knocked me out for a couple hours. When I woke up, I was lying on the couch, watching SpongeBob Squarepants. It was a good episode, the one where SpongeBob has to sell chocolates. That one gets me every time! Once that was over I had dinner. After dinner, I just kind of laid around. Since I can’t leave the house, I usually spend my nights wasted away, lying on the couch, catching up on episodes of SpongeBob and Full House. I’ve noticed that I am getting a little more impatient as the day carries on. I seem to be more fidgety after lunch and after dinner. Though I don’t have any problem falling asleep, that’s for sure.

Day 4

            Yesterday was awful. I’ve seen this episode of SpongeBob four times. There is nothing on TV, I’ve been lying in the same spot for four days, and I’m losing my tan because I haven’t seen daylight since Sunday. I NEED OUT!!! Even if I can’t run around out there, I have crutches to help me get by. Today isn’t really any easier either. I’m tired of sleeping! Was that an oxymoron? I think it was… Oh my gosh! I’m so bored, that I’m actually doing grammar! I need help, I need a savior. Or I just need to go outside, maybe not a savior (that’s a little dramatic). But anyways, I don’t know how much longer I can take this. Sitting here all day while the children run around outside and play baseball, it’s killing me! JUST LET ME OUT OF HERE.

Day 5

            I’m dead. I have to be. I’ve never experienced something so traumatizing. This has to be what death feels like. I also know I’m dying because there’s a part of me that wants to go back to school on Monday. Like, what is that? Why do I feel this way? I don’t like this… I don’t like this feeling or this atmosphere or these thoughts. I need a cure. I need something to get me out of
this funk. Maybe some fresh air would do me some good. But after today, I’m done. Never again. NEVER again.

Young Goodman Brown

In this short story, we are presented with the idea that below the surface, there is evil lurking in everyone. This idea is first seen when the strange man aproaches Goodman Brown. In the beginning, the man acts kindly toward him and like a friend to gain the trust of Goodman Brown. Once Goodman Brown persists on returning to the village and to Faith, the strange man “flips a switch” and quickly becomes eager for Goodman Brown to hold onto his walking stick. Next, a christian woman named Goodly Cloyse appears and the strange man approaches her while Goodman Brown hides. He intensely watches the two as Goody Cloyse states that the man is the devil and reveals that she is a witch as they continue to walk further into the woods to attend a summoning with the evil spirits. Frightened, Goodman Brown becomes even more persistant to return to his wife Faith in comforting. Suddenly he hears the minister approaching speaking of blasphemis things. Goodman Brown then becomes untrustworthy of all people in his town. He even hears the sound of his wife’s voice and at this moment the strange man leaves him with the stick and Goodman Brown takes it, wishing to follow his wife’s voice to the ceremony. When he reaches, he sees his father aproaching the devil along with his wife. It is then that he looses all faith in mankind. Suddenly he is alone in the woods and when he returns to the village, he shuns all of the community and neglects his wife. Sadly, this revelation changed him and ultimately spends the rest of his life in fear and anxiety.

Young Goodman Brown and The Crucible show many similarities. First, they both seem occur in the same time period. In the Crucible, the whole story is based on witchcraft and putting witches on trial to hang. Likewise, Young Goodman Brown states that Goody Cloyse is a witch and she is referred to as “Goody” just as in The Crucible. Secondly, both stories deal with witchery and evil spirits; especially in the case of evil spirits taking over small villages or communites with ministers as leaders. Also, each story expresses a sense of “judgement”. People in both stories are easy to acuse others of being evil meerly because they spot them doing something out of the ordinary or expressing themselves in improper ways.

While we see comparible items, we also see differences. For starters, in Young Goodman Brown, what Goodman Brown sees the towns people doing and their actions of dealing with the devil are very realistic and he himself sees the evil spirits and believes that the villagers are evil. On the contrary, in The Crucible, the women that claim to have seen witchcraft being done by various people in the community are lying; even to the point of faking being posessed by evil spirits. Also, at a more criticle standpoint, The Crucible is a play witch is seen from all different points of view and deals with many different characters. Meanwhile, Young Goodman Brown only views it from Goodman Brown’s viewpoint and speeks of only the events that are seen through his eyes.

In every peom, book, play or novel it is good habbit to take away a positive or negative lesson learned in reading each material. In such stories like Young Goodman Brown and The Crucible, the lesson I have learned is to not judge but to look at the big picture and realize what is going on around you. In Young Goodman Brown, Goodman Brown shouldn’t be so judgemental of the towns people (especially his wife and his father) and realize that everything was a dream but seemed real only because his eyes were controlled by an evil spirit. Likewise, in the Crucible, the idea of jumping to conclusions is a continuing theme. Obviously, there aren’t 72 witches in one small village. Hale, Parris and the judge need to realize that trusting the word of teenage girls who are obviously being pressured by a girl who was once herself being accused of being a witch, are not reliable sources and remember that people like Rebecca and the old man are well-known good hearted people. We can’t be so quick to judge and remember what we’ve grown up to know as good morals and good virtues.

Junior Prompt

Elizabeth Grace Patterson

When the Emperor was Divine, The Crucible and the article all have common characteristics. They each share a common reaction of people who are on the outside watching people around them be persecuted. These bystanders look in and watch their neighbors, friends and family disapear not to return for several months, days, or years.

In the book When the Emperor was Divine, we see the Japanese family taken away. They’re sent to a camp for many months and years. They eventually return to their old house. Meanwhile, they are closely watched and looked at through the windows of their neighbors. They meerly stand inside their houses as the family walks down the street for the last time for years. Upon returning, friends and neighbors of the family ignore them. They look away from them and do not speek with the family. After being persecuted and accused of specific crimes, the family is no longer liked by most people they once knew.

Similarly, in The Crucible, the village is quick to point fingers and scream names when the word “witch” is brought to the surface. The once beloved group of girls is suddenly on trial to be hanged and even themselves are accusing each other. For example, Abbigal confesses saying, “Tituba made me do it!” Suddenly the girls lose a sense of safety and comfort from old friends and even family members. People in this time are quick to persecute and jump to conclusions as long as his/her name is clear.

Likewise, in the article we see the story of Hitler ruling Nazi Germany and the persecution of Jews. Soon the Nuremburg Laws are put into rule and Christian children are no longer allowed to play with the Jewish kids. The people around them abanden the Jews in hope of saving their own life. The Jews are quickly judged and persecuted and sent to concentration camps. Meanwhile, all of their neighbors and such are just on the other side of the wall of the camp, not stopping any of the bizzare activity. Someone even stated “If a loud speaker goes off and the voice says, ‘All Jews gather in Times Square”, it would never surprise me.” In all three situations, the bystanders are quick to abanden their friends and neighbors to keep his/her name off the sheets.

I think that the best way for an outisider to help those around them being persecuted is to do what they can to help the people. The bystanders can protest, sign a petition, try to get government to pass laws. They can have sit-ins, fundraisers or simply get the word out so that everyone can see the chaos around them. Bystanders should do what they can to get the attention on those persecuting people who inocent. We must stand together and remember that even though we may not be of the same religion or skin tone, we are all in this one world together and we have to remember that we’re all merely humans in a humanistic world. We’re under one God in which we are all brothers and sisters and we must treat each other as so.