Jane Teeling and Her Pit Bulls


Jane Teeling has been rescuing dogs in New York City for quite some time now. She mostly rescues and takes care of pit bulls. She especially has compassion for pit bulls because of their bad reputation. Jane believes that with the correct training and if put in the proper environment they are just like any other dog. She says, “If you say a pit bull is bad, you might as well say that dogs are bad.” Half of the dogs that she rescues and takes care of are pit bulls, and one third of all rescue or stray dogs in America are pit bulls or pit mixes. Jane says that she used to be in modeling and the fashion industry until she decided to have a career change and decided to be a dog trainer by taking in stray dogs and retraining them. Her efforts have helped 100s of dogs, and she hopes to continue in an attempt to redefine the pit bull status and reputation.

This story is significant because it is the example of an everyday, ordinary person trying to make a difference in her world for the betterment of all people, and especially the betterment of dogs. I admire her efforts to reach out to one of the most feared and hated dogs in America. This story also is special to me because I am a dog lover and I feel so sad when I hear that 100s of pit bulls are put to sleep monthly because no one will adopt them because of their reputation. I wish I could do something as marvelous as she is for those dogs.

I think stories like this deserve to get the same publicity as actual news stories. Especially stories like the one I chose because it is an attempt to reach out into society and help dogs in need.

I like this kind of journalism. Mine was in the form of a video and I liked it a lot because it was interesting, well made, and kept my attention. I think that the media of today should tap into this kind of way to spread the news and they should spread some of these stories because these are everyday people who are trying to make a difference.

I definitely think that Narrative.ly is a website promoting equality. It’s a place for people to go to express their thoughts or spread their stories. It definitely isn’t for seer entertainment. They already made that website #YouTube. But seriously, I think this website is an excellent way to help society really sit down and listen to stories that actually matter. I wish the best for this website so that more and more people can see it and feel inspired to go out there and make something of themselves that will be for the greater good! (picture of Jane Teeling)Image


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