Sequel to “The Killers”

A few hours later after the restaurant was closed, George and Sam received an unexpected guest. Ole’ Anderson walked through the door saying, “I’m ready for dinner.” Sam snickered and said, “Ole’ Anderson, it’s midnight. The diner is closed!” George chimed in saying, “Besides, Nick said you weren’t coming out of your room because you’ll get yourself killed! You must be shaking like a leaf under all those layers.” As he took off his scarf and coat to sit down, Ole’ Anderson responded, “The only reason why I’m shaking is because I haven’t eaten since breakfast this morning.” Pointing to Sam he says, “Now take you’re black cooking hands back into that kitchen and make me my usual before I make you my usual for today and pop you’re head right off of your Negro shoulders.” Out of fear, Sam stood up quicker than a race horse and sprinted his way back to the kitchen. George was worried about Ole’ Anderson and asked him, “Aren’t at least a little afraid that the killers might walk in any minute and pop ya?” Ole’ Anderson heard the shakiness of George’s voice. He said, “No. Not in the slightest bit. Just listen for a minute George. I’ve been a part of the mafia for too long… maybe even since I was 14. Anyways, I’ve been in this mess for over two decades and I’m tired of all the hiding, running, and sneaking around I have to do. You don’t know what it’s like to have to lie to every, single person you meet and every, single person you know. I can’t go on living like this.” George watched intently as Ole’ Anderson revealed to him a side that he had never experienced. George saw him sit there, depressed and exhausted as he stare out the window as if there was something awe-inspiring to see. George wasn’t sure what to do because he’d never heard Ole’ Anderson open up. He patted Ole’ Anderson on the back and started for the kitchen. He looked back behind his shoulder to find him in the same position of profound thought that he’d left him in. About seven minutes had passed when suddenly two loud shots and the sound of shattering glass boomed through out the restaurant. Sam uncovered his ears and looked at George with a face of fear saying, “Oh my gosh! Ole’ Anderson! They must have gotten him George.” George stood up from where he was crouched down after the loud shot. He was silent. George began walking towards the kitchen door, took a deep breath and pushed it open to enter into the dining area. His eyes were sealed shut because he didn’t think he’d be able to see the sight of his dead friend. He gained the courage and opened his eyes to find Ole’ Anderson sitting up in his seat with a fork and knife in each hand and said, “Why don’t you got my food in your hand? Trying to starve me or something?” George’s mouth dropped in shock to hear the voice of his, who he thought was dead, friend and looked around the room to find that the two loud shots were not the killing of Ole’ Anderson. They were the sounds of the bullets shot from Ole’ Anderson’s gun into Al and Max’s chests’.


One thought on “Sequel to “The Killers”

  1. So Ole’ Anderson lives to fight another day. Ole’s sob story of always being on the lamb makes us feel sorry for him, but his somewhat less than cordial (borderline intolerant) treatment of Sam makes him a complex character. Are we rooting for this guy or not? The nonchalance of asking for his food after he’d killed the killers establishes Ole’ as an O.G. (which, I believe, stands for Original Gangster). Good Job!

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