DSCN0098            Of all the poems included in the poetry presentation list, my favorite is Christmas Bells. I especially like this poem because of all the joy it portrays and radiates about Christmas. It’s a beautiful poem about the joy of Christmas spirit and it makes me want Christmas to come even sooner.

My favorite part of Christmas is the decorating. Of course, it is rather cliché to say this but it is true. I love putting up the tree, decorating the fireplace, hanging up the wreath on the front door and the lights on the bushes outside. There is something peaceful and absolutely joyful about the preparation time of Christmas. I especially love when everything is all put out and hung up and all the lights are on at night. Then I pull into my driveway and look into the house through our big window above the garage and see the tree, glistening in all of its greatness. Then I walk up the steps surrounded with lights and into the house to feel the warm air hit my face and take in the comforting scent of our “Christmas Pine” scented Yankee candle. It almost melts my heart into a big pile of goo and warms me all over. Christmas time is the most joyful and exciting time of year.

Along with the traditions of tree decorating and light hanging, every year I pay my visit to the Festival of Lights at the Cincinnati Zoo. I look forward to putting on my red pea coat and warm boots and heading down to the zoo every year. While I’m there, I always buy cinnamon roasted almonds and hot chocolate (not at the same time of course). It is one of my favorite traditions and I hope to some day take my own kids there!

A memory I have of Christmas day is from when I was around the age of four or five. I was in kindergarten at the time and we made reindeer dust for the reindeer so that when they needed to fly away to the next house, they would have some extra “pizzazz” to take off and fly. So every Christmas Eve, I would make sure to put this sparkly dust into a plastic baggy and place it right next to Santa’s cookies and milk. Then, in the morning, just like every other child, I sprinted down the steps to the fireplace where I ALWAYS found an empty glass of milk, cookie crumbs, but never did I find my baggy. Then I would run to the front door window and hop up on a chair to get a good look of the outside. Every year, I would find my sparkle dust scattered in the snow next to the reindeer’s footprints. I remember screaming with excitement that the animals had used it. I was so filled with joy and happiness that I’m not sure if I even needed any more presents than that one.

The best part of Christmas is the love. Everywhere you look you will find a smile, a red nose, hear laughter, feel the cold air, and find love in all of these aspects. The love shared at Christmas time is the best kind of love because it is the most meaningful because the best love anyone has every received is the birth of Christ on earth. God in human form, sending His son down to earth is the greatest gift of love that any person could experience. He is the reason for the season!


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