Huckleberry Finn Remake

While Huckleberry Finn is a wonderfully written novel, I disagree with a few parts in the book. Certain parts are too old and outdated. The book isn’t appealing to people of the 21st century. It just needs a little “pizzazz” or a spark. If I could write it, I would write it like this:

            Beginning with the cast members: Robert Downey Jr. (Huckleberry Finn), Morgan Freeman (Jim), Bradley Cooper (Tom Sawyer), Vince Vaughn (Huck’s Pap), Dianne Keaton (Widow Douglas), Jamie Lee Curtis (Ms. Watson), Leonardo Dicaprio (Duke), James Franco (King), Rachel McAdams (Mary Jane), Nicholas Cage (Colonel Grangerford). My inspiration for all of these actors and actresses is that when I said the characters names these were the celebrities that came to mind because of what role they’ve played in their past movies.

            Along with the characters, I would also change the time period. I would most likely choose the 1920’s because this is my favorite time period. It’s a time of new beginnings, adventure, inventions, and fun. It was the first time in American history that we had really experienced dancing, dating, cars, fast life and a new way of life. It’s a time period of flapper girls and business men, suits and dresses, gelled hair and bobs. It’s my favorite and if I could I’d choose to live in this decade.

            Next, I would change the setting. If my time period is in the 1920’s, I want to change the setting to a place such as New York, Philadelphia, or Chicago. This way, Huck can start out in small town Kentucky on a farm and travel with Jim to the city and have all of his new experiences there instead. He’ll run into problems with finding food, he’ll have all his belongings stolen, and not be able to find a job. His Pap will find him and he’ll take him to his apartment in a bad part of the city. He’ll be taken in by families in nearby suburbs just outside of town.

            With the time period being the 1920’s, everyone would have to wear corduroy pants, suspenders, white button ups with the sleeves rolled up and black ties. They’d also wear hats and depending what kind of hat they had on would tell you what class they are in. For example:

This hat showed they were poor (gray hat).                          This hat showed they were wealthy (black hat).

Also, the girls would wear ankle length dresses and high waist skirts. They would have bob hair cuts and wear lipstick. Teenage life would be filled with fun and excitement and for the first time in American history, the 1920’s was the first decade for people to express themselves through fashion, fun, and new ideas.

            When it comes to language, Huck, Jim, and Tom would all have country accents since they’re from a farm in Kentucky. Once they get to New York or another city, they would get their first exposure of city twang. The people there would most likely have a New York accent or maybe even New Jersey. They would have to change to suit my theme. So even though Huckleberry Finn is a very good book, I think I like my version better!


One thought on “Huckleberry Finn Remake

  1. Enjoyed reading about your Huck Finn remake, Elizabeth (with pictures of hats, to boot). Setting the film in the 1920’s would be a really interesting twist. Because Huck Finn is such a coming of age novel, I can see Huck struggling to reconcile his backwoods upbringing with the loose morals and fast-living of city folk. The costumes alone would be almost worth the entire endeavor. I also liked your casting choices. When you have Morgan Freeman in a movie, you can’t lose. I’d see this movie in theaters (probably 3D I-MAX style). Good job!

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