Stuff White People Like — DOGS

            In reading the blog about white people liking dogs, I was truly amazed at how true it was. In the blog, the author said that “never in any case should you make fun of someone’s dog in a derogatory way”. This statement itself is probably the truest statement of them all. It’s true because white people love dogs, they love their dogs, and they love stranger’s dogs. If you make fun of a dog they freak out because every dog is just so unique, special, and beautiful in their own way. Even though this is stereotypical, it is true. We must be honest for a second though because it’s not just white people who act this way toward dogs, it’s all people! Everyone (except a few freaks) loves dogs. They make us happy, laugh, smile, feel safe, and most importantly like we’re never alone. They are our best friends and once a dog goes into someone’s life they can’t help but fall in love because dogs have that effect on people. They are a wonderful creature that’s never sad, always playful, and is always there for us. What’s not to love?

            Similar to the stereotypical writing style of the author of “Stuff White People Like”, Mark Twain also has had his past of being racist. This is especially seen in Huckleberry Finn through the character Jim. A slave for the widow, Mark Twain portrays him in a stereotypical way. Jim speaks with bad grammar, a southern/African accent, and in a “goofy” way. He also portrays Jim as though he is dumb, illiterate, and maybe has a mental disorder. Jim also is found in his room playing with a hairball. He believes in goofy, made up myths and tells Huck all about the spirit world. Jim also believes in a saying that if a man has a lot of chest hair he will be rich. These are all examples of the way that Mark Twain has revealed his racist side and stereotypical style of writing.

            Society is not far from the stereotypical realm either. This plays a huge role in our culture today among all people of status and class. I think this is especially seen in celebrities. We often times label Miley Cyrus as crazy, freaky, and “slutty” because of a new hair cut, new clothing line, and new music. What we don’t know, though, is why her life has suddenly taken a turning point. Is she upset because her and Liam called off the married? Is she going through a really hard time with her mom and dad’s marriage problems? Is the press causing her to go crazy and she’s doing this in spite of them? Being judgmental in today’s society is a train that many of us have jumped on and it’s beginning to destroy relationships, friendships, and even our culture and world.

            Though I have stated the bad effects that stereotypes have played in our society, I can’t deny that I also have fallen into its trap. I can’t lie when I say that if I were to walk down the street of down town Cincinnati and see a black man ahead of me, I may turn the next corner or cross the street to avoid him. I also tend to judge teenage girls with babies also. I always feel bad for them but I also silently shake my head in disappointment. Today’s society and cultural habits are easy to fall into. Even as a Catholic, it can be hard not to judge others and give into stereotypes. It’s hard to stand tall and strong, but with God’s great strength, He lifts that burden away from us, but only if we allow Him.


One thought on “Stuff White People Like — DOGS

  1. Really thoughtful response to this prompt, Elizabeth! I agree: you can’t definitively say that all white people like dogs and exclude other races from love of the canine persuasion. I do think, however, that you can probably classify people according to whether they are cat or dog people (the cat people, of course, being the “freaks”). Good analysis of how Twain stereotypes Jim. Also, I agree that it is too easy to fall into the trap of prematurely stereotyping others. Our faith certainly helps to show us what is important in these instances.

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